Called the #1 Flirt Instructor and the Mistress of Manifesting,

Certified Dating & Relationship Coach, Matchmaker

As the Dating and Attraction Expert, Elizabeth helps singles how to choose, captivate and connect in 6 months or less so that they can begin and happily stay in a loving, committed relationship.


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“Why I became a dating coach?” & Other FAQs

So yeah, tell me – why did you become a dating coach?

Because, darling, dating is fun!

It’s fun to dress up and go out (or dress up and stay in for a zoom date). Everyone, including you, deserves to experience that kind of fun!

The thing is, most people think dating is about getting married. I’m here to clarify that it’s not – not at first, anyway. When you first start dating someone, it’s about getting to know them and letting them get to know you.

Most people put WAAAY too much pressure on this part. How can you both have fun if you’ve got an agenda?!

Part of my work is helping you relax about the whole process so that dating becomes fun for you – which is what really allows love to show up.

OK, so tell me about how you became a dating coach.

My last name, Tritsch pronounced like Hitch, means “to flirt,” so I think I was meant to be a dating coach! But there wasn’t an exact science to how I got here.

When I started dating as a teenager, I realized how fun it was to go to the movies and to talk and laugh with someone. I kept getting asked out again and again. So I’ve associated dating with having fun since then.

Later on, I began helping my girlfriends get their dating game on. For example, I once went out on a girls’ night with my best friend from college. There was a guy looking over at her at the bar, totally making eyes at her, but she wasn’t doing anything. My gut told me there was something there so I followed him when he passed her & I slapped her butt and blamed it on him. And the rest is history – they’ve been married 23 years now and share a beautiful home in Toronto and winter in Sonoma.

So I’ve always tried to introduce friends to one another when I felt in my gut they’d be a good fit. I’d say a part of being a dating coach is my intuition.

Speaking more practically, I started my business as a dating coach after I got divorced. It was a hard time that involved lots of reflection on the factors that led to the beginning and end of my marriage.

I worked a lot on myself to move past that time, refining my mindset and my communication skills. Eventually, I started dating again and re-discovered how much fun it was.

Because I did that work on myself, I know exactly how to help you date as well. I’m committed to helping more women find the pleasure in dating so that they attract and maintain healthy and lasting relationships. Trust me: it is possible for you to find the right man without giving up who you are. In fact, the right person amplifies your strengths, and darling, he is out there!

Alright, I’m following you here. So why’d you name your business “Dare to Date Differently”? What makes you different?

Good question! First of all, “Dare to Date Differently” has great alliteration, no? 😉

More to your point though, the “dare” part represents taking action. I’m a person who loves to dare and to take risks because I know that doing the same thing I’ve always done but expecting different results isn’t going to work.

So, why not dare to do something differently?

Dare to step out of your comfort zone.

Dare to show up authentically.

Dare to believe you deserve it.

Double dog dare to book a call with me. 😉

Meanwhile, the “differently” part refers to how I make my own rules, which is what I want for you too.

The thing is, most people like to follow formulas and recipes which is great.

They’ll meet a man and have a plan to date however many years, be engaged in however much time, then get married in whatever season. Because of expectations, they tend to settle.

I’m here to tell you that you do NOT need to follow anyone else’s path. And, you don’t have to settle.

Sure, there are rules to know in dating. But I’m the kinda woman who’ll teach you the rules so that you can decide which ones to break.

YOU are the only one who gets to decide whether you want to keep on texting, whether to put on makeup for a date, whether to order that second drink.

How long to see him for, what the second date will be.

When to first confess “I love you.”

You’re on your own path, my dear. I’m here to help. But remember, your path is not like anyone else’s.

Cool, cool. But how do I know you’re the right person for me?

Generally speaking, I work with women and select heart-centered men who want a soul sister in their corner and need help in attracting quality partners. These are women who want a particular type of relationship that may be different than the one their friends want. I don’t judge.

I believe there’s a lid for every pot. Actually, there’s a million.

So the best way to find out if we’re a match is to book a call.

We’ll chat and I’ll be honest with you about whether or not we’re a good fit.

Can you tell me a little more about what it’s like working with you?

No problemo!

When you work with me, you get access to four types of resources. Firstly, I’ll share all the tools and techniques I’ve develop over the years to help you go from the apps to texting to getting ready for that date. Secondly, we’ll work on your mindset around dating to clear out what’s been holding you back (it’s totally normal to have anxieties and stories in your head that need to be released). Thirdly, I’m your accountability buddy in all this – I’ll hold your hand whenever you need me. And fourthly, we do all this in a safe, supportive space.

Other than this, I aim to make our work together fun. Dating shouldn’t make you want to curl up under your satin covers and cry. I want you to be happy and excited as you explore dating so that you attract the same happiness in your dates and have the loving, connected relationship you desire.

All of this sounds fantastic to me! How do I work with you?

Darling, I thought you’d never ask! Book a call with me and we’ll go from there.

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