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My journey was not so smooth. I had so many ups and downs and I'm grateful for all of those experiences. Dating and relationships aren't things you just know. It's something you master over the years. You might learn from reading a book or watching a video. But hey, it's not a rom com movie. It's about your life, about taking responsibility for yourself and getting what you want. It's a lot of stuff, and some of its quite difficult. I went through all kinds of setbacks, but also a lot of good moments. I learned how to embrace both the good and bad times and survived, living a happy and meaningful life. If you're interested in finding your love, or you need help to make your existing love life even better, then, contact me. I’m Elizabeth Tritsch, a Science- based, certified Dating & Relationship coach and Matchmaker.

I'm called the Mistress of Manifesting because I manifested love into my life. I'm like Will Smith in the movie, Hitch, but I’m real. My specialties include how to create a profile that attracts, how to enjoy dating while choosing wisely and how to create a loving, connected relationship.


4 Secret Ways To Connect On A Date

4 Secret Ways To Connect On A Date

February 27, 20244 min read

Hey there!

How would you like to meet someone (whether on a dating app or in person), text enough to find out whether or not you like them and move quickly and easily to a first date, second date and beyond turning dating into an amazing long term relationship?

Are you using dating apps to find your perfect partner? Great, how's that going? Know that it’s not the only way to meet someone. You could cute- meet by bumping into someone or by asking them a question- my favorite.

I want you to think of love and relationships like a warm adventure – full of feelings, sharing secrets, and making heart-to-heart connections. In today's world, where everything's digital, talking and understanding each other can be tricky. But don’t worry, I promise it's going to feel like a cozy hug!

We're in a time where we use phones and apps to talk and share, kind of like cozy notes in our love story.

But, wait a minute, are you linking your Instagram (IG) to dating apps?


Doing this will have any potential dates use it as a way to filter you out. Come on, you’re doing it too to filter out lots of possibilities who could be perfect for you, right?

You need to learn how to use your phone, texts (and dating apps) so you can talk from the heart and make warm connections.

First things first – sometimes, we want things super fast, like clicking a button. But, real connections need a bit of slowing down. It's like enjoying a cup of tea – take your time and make it special, like a cozy night by the fireplace!

When texting, don’t ask questions like in an interview. Take the time to ask sincere questions that will give you insight into their thoughts and feelings.

Imagine you have lots of friends around. You get to choose who you want to spend time with.

How do you choose when it comes to dating?

Pick someone you enjoy spending time with, someone who makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, someone who seems interested and interesting. My clients who end up in long term relationships say they chose someone who feels like home.

I admit, text messages are easier, but eventually one of you is going to want to meet. And, talking face-to-face is so much better! It's like having a heart-to-heart chat with your best friend. You see their face, hear their voice, notice their body language and understand them quicker. With texting, everything gets lost in translation, am I right? Meeting and connecting in person makes dating more fun.

Imagine you have a shield (or armor like so many I know). You get so used to it that it can feel like a cozy blanket. If you’re brave enough to take it off, you get to connect and share your warm thoughts which can bring the 2 of you closer. It might feel a bit scary, but being yourself and sharing your stories makes dating way more fun. And connecting is what we’re looking for. So don’t be afraid to share a funny or touching story that paints you favorably. Don’t share anything that’s too intimate or reflects poorly on you on those first few dates. They need to earn your trust first.

On social media, like IG, everyone seems perfect, right? But guess what? Real beauty is in the not-so-perfect stuff. It's like sharing your favorite story even if it's a little goofy (especially if it’s goofy). Be yourself, be authentic yet positive and you’ll discover how dating can be fun and can lead to a beautiful relationship full of love.

Tips for a Cozy Connection That Leads To Love

Speak from the Heart: Share your feelings and thoughts honestly, like you would with your best friend over a cup of hot coffee.

Take It Slow: Just like enjoying a warm soup, let your connections grow at their own comfy pace.

Meet in Person: It's always better to talk face-to-face like you would with your friends. Try doing that when you feel comfortable. It’s like having a warm chat by the fireplace.

Be Yourself: Pretending is like wearing an itchy sweater. Let your real self shine, and let dating become a warm, magical experience.

Set Cozy Connection Rules: Just like having cozy rules for a board game, set some rules for you and dating. Make sure they're warm, fair, and make you (and others around) feel like they're wrapped in a cozy blanket.

Navigating through modern love might seem tricky, but with a happy heart, some slow moves, and being yourself, it can quickly turn into the coziest relationship ever. Let's keep the journey warm and delightful!



Elizabeth (Your Wingwoman in Love & Life)P.S.

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4 Secret Ways To Connect On A Date

4 secret ways to connect on a dateways to connect on a date

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