My dating journey was just like yours

My journey was not so smooth. I had so many ups and downs and I'm grateful for all of those experiences. Dating and relationships aren't things you just know. It's something you master over the years. You might learn from reading a book or watching a video. But hey, it's not a rom com movie. It's about your life, about taking responsibility for yourself and getting what you want. It's a lot of stuff, and some of its quite difficult. I went through all kinds of setbacks, but also a lot of good moments. I learned how to embrace both the good and bad times and survived, living a happy and meaningful life. If you're interested in finding your love, or you need help to make your existing love life even better, then, contact me. I’m Elizabeth Tritsch, a Science- based, certified Dating & Relationship coach and Matchmaker.

I'm called the Mistress of Manifesting because I manifested love into my life. I'm like Will Smith in the movie, Hitch, but I’m real. My specialties include how to create a profile that attracts, how to enjoy dating while choosing wisely and how to create a loving, connected relationship.


Last year this happened, because of you!

Last year this happened, because of you!

January 09, 20242 min read


It's my job to set you up for dating success and to help you get into and stay in a happy, loving relationship.

But I didn't want to start the year off without mentioning the best part of 2023 for me.

And, that's each and every one of you who has come into my universe.

Last year, this and this happened, and it's all because of you!

I am so grateful for you! 

So here's to you..

...those who followed the release of the Art of Dating Academy (ADA) and encouraged, supported and gave me amazing feedback to make it even better. Couldn't have done it without you!

...those who've already signed up for this year's ADA. I'm so looking forward to meeting you and helping you make your dreams come true.

...those who've invested in yourself with 1-1 coaching beginning in 2018 and are now attracting, enjoying dating, have met your ideal partner and continue to be in happy, loving relationships, have gotten married (so many with children). Thank you for sharing your journey with me and my team.

...those who've posted your Success Stories and testimonials on my blog, Google and Yelp.

Loving relationship

You are the reason I do what I do!

Thanks to...

...the 50% or so of you who religiously opened these weekly emails (aah- it means so much!) and received dating tips and replied sending in questions and concerns you have about dating.

...those who learned how to be a better dater from watching my videos posted on YouTubeInstagramLinkedIn, Facebook and TikTok and commented, liked and subscribed to my various channels and platforms.

...those who wrote me, shared, cried, shared that they cried, or were touched by watching, telling me what most resonated with them. 

...those who came to the various Masterclasses and showed up to learn, implement and be deliberate with dating!

...those who signed up for the upcoming Attract and Magnetize Masterclass.

...every one of my clients who entrusted me with their dating journey ... and took the incredibly awesome, bold, incredible step to join ADA and got out there and began dating intentionally -- you rock so hard, I'm so proud of each one of you! < 3.

I'm SO excited about what this new year will bring! 

Aren't you??

Here's to making dating more fun, creating connections that are even more meaningful! and beginning the relationship you so deserve.

I'm cheering for you SO much,

Elizabeth (Your Date Attraction Expert, Wingwoman in Love & Life)

Elizabeth Tritsch
Science Based Certified Dating & Relationship Coach, Dare To Date Differently

P.S. I'd love to hear what you're MOST excited about for 2024. Tell me - I'd really love to know!

P.P.S. Don't forget to sign up for Attract & Magnetize Masterclass.

Please click this link and get on the waitlist.

Last year this happenedbecause of youLoving relationshipMy job to set you up for dating successDating successHappy relationship

Elizabeth Tritsch

Dating & Attraction Expert, Flirt Instructor, Certified Dating & Relationship Coach.

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