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My journey was not so smooth. I had so many ups and downs and I'm grateful for all of those experiences. Dating and relationships aren't things you just know. It's something you master over the years. You might learn from reading a book or watching a video. But hey, it's not a rom com movie. It's about your life, about taking responsibility for yourself and getting what you want. It's a lot of stuff, and some of its quite difficult. I went through all kinds of setbacks, but also a lot of good moments. I learned how to embrace both the good and bad times and survived, living a happy and meaningful life. If you're interested in finding your love, or you need help to make your existing love life even better, then, contact me. I’m Elizabeth Tritsch, a Science- based, certified Dating & Relationship coach and Matchmaker.

I'm called the Mistress of Manifesting because I manifested love into my life. I'm like Will Smith in the movie, Hitch, but I’m real. My specialties include how to create a profile that attracts, how to enjoy dating while choosing wisely and how to create a loving, connected relationship.


My Pre-Date Routine: 3 Key Steps

My Pre-Date Routine: 3 Key Steps

June 19, 20242 min read

My Pre-Date Routine: 3 Key Steps

Hey Joseph,

Have you ever heard the saying, 

"A prepared man is better than a prepared message"? 

Well, it's 100% true!

It's better to go into a date prepared and stay prepared than it is to only prepare what you're going to wear or say.

Before I found my partner, I'd go on 2, 3, or 4 dates a week. 

Here's how I, and my successful dating clients, would get and stay prepared and how you can too.

First, I’d relax

I've learned from going on hundreds of dates how important being relaxed really is. 

Did you know that the best performers on stage are the most relaxed? 

Being relaxed makes them perform - that much better.

Second, I’d visualize

I’d start using my imagination. 

I’d start imagining walking into the place and seeing my date's eyes light up. 

I’d start imagining the wonderful connection we have from the very beginning. 

I’d start imagining a successful date that ends on a high note with both of us looking forward to our second date. 

I’d picture us,

sharing stories



I’d see myself being with complete confidence on the date.

Lastly, I’d let go of the outcome

This one thing sets my clients' dates apart from those who have bad dates. 

What do I mean by this? 

Let me break it down for you.

I’d completely detach from the need for anything specific to happen. 

I wouldn’t worry about what I need to say or do.

I wouldn’t worry about how I expect my date to respond. 

I’d let go of the need for anything to happen. 

Doing this puts me in a position to be present.

Try doing these 3 things before you go on your date and you'll be surprised at how well the date will go!


you're only one date away…

Your wingwoman, in love and in life,
XO Elizabeth

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Elizabeth Tritsch

Dating & Attraction Expert, Flirt Instructor, Certified Dating & Relationship Coach.

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