My dating journey was just like yours

My journey was not so smooth. I had so many ups and downs and I'm grateful for all of those experiences. Dating and relationships aren't things you just know. It's something you master over the years. You might learn from reading a book or watching a video. But hey, it's not a rom com movie. It's about your life, about taking responsibility for yourself and getting what you want. It's a lot of stuff, and some of its quite difficult. I went through all kinds of setbacks, but also a lot of good moments. I learned how to embrace both the good and bad times and survived, living a happy and meaningful life. If you're interested in finding your love, or you need help to make your existing love life even better, then, contact me. I’m Elizabeth Tritsch, a Science- based, certified Dating & Relationship coach and Matchmaker.

I'm called the Mistress of Manifesting because I manifested love into my life. I'm like Will Smith in the movie, Hitch, but I’m real. My specialties include how to create a profile that attracts, how to enjoy dating while choosing wisely and how to create a loving, connected relationship.


Elizabeth Tritsch's Birthday Party, NYC

Where my mind was at yesterday, was yours?

February 20, 20241 min read

Where my mind was at yesterday, was yours?

lacking abundance


Some of you already know I celebrated my birthday in NYC and Firenze, Italy from the 10th to most recently. (Being in a relationship helped make that happen and I want that for you, too.)

But what some of you may NOT know is what happened when I returned.

Travel got to me so I'm dialing it in with this short video. Please take it seriously when dating.

Click here to see.

Let me know which camp you're in regarding the video.

Also, thanks to all of you sending me well wishes for my birthday.

Now, how did you do with the Valentine Challenge? Kudos to all those who participated. I'd love to here your results so reply so I can love you up.



XO, Elizabeth (Your Wingwoman in Love & Life)

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Elizabeth, (It's time to Dare to Date Differently)

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P.P.S. LMK how the VDay challenge went for you.


Elizabeth Tritsch

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